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Jessica Howell, Bank On Arizona Fellow
Jessica Howell serves as Bank On Arizona’s Fellow and Director of Community Engagement, where she is focused on advancing banking access to un-served and underserved communities across the state. Her mission is to ensure a future where all consumers have access to the banking tools needed to reshape their financial destiny.

As the director of community engagement, Howell brings a successful track record of working in the social services industry. She is skilled in nonprofit organizations, coaching, communication, public speaking, and leadership development. Her previous experience includes serving as the youth workforce director of job development for the Valley of the Sun YMCA and as a project director for the AARP Foundation. Howell possesses a B.S. in human services from the University of Phoenix and a Master of Education in human relations from Northern Arizona University.

Jessica Howell

Bank On Arizona Fellow

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Unbanked and underbanked Arizonans


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About the organization

Bank On Arizona
Millions of Americans are outside of the stabilizing financial mainstream, without a safe banking account to manage their money and build towards a stronger financial future. Across the country, Bank On coalitions work to connect residents to safe, affordable accounts.
As the local coalition, Bank On Arizona works with participating banks and credit unions across the state to offer safe, low-cost, low-fee transaction accounts that are certified as meeting the Bank On National Account Standards.
A basic banking account is an important first step in participating in the mainstream financial ecosystem. This bridges the gap and creates a pathway to economic independence. Bank On Arizona is working to ensure a future where all unbanked and underbanked individuals have access to the banking tools needed to reshape their financial destiny.

Our partners

Dress for Success Phoenix

Dress for Success Phoenix has assisted over 22,000 women since opening its doors in 2009. The mission empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools needed to help women thrive in work and in life. Any woman referred by a community partner is eligible for free-of-charge programs and services. Dress for Success Phoenix is an independent 501c3 nonprofit organization and an affiliate of Dress for Success Worldwide. Funds are raised locally and have a direct impact in Arizona communities.

CFE Fund
The CFE Fund supports municipal efforts to improve the financial stability of households by leveraging opportunities unique to local government. By translating cutting-edge experience with large scale programs, research, and policy in cities of all sizes, the CFE Fund assists mayors and other local leaders to identify, develop, fund, implement, and research pilots and programs that help families build assets and make the most of their financial resources. The CFE Fund is currently working in over 100 cities and counties representing 75 million people, and has disbursed over $64 million to city governments and their partners to support these efforts.